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SmartCurve Solutions is information and communication technology service provider. Having reaped the rewards from hardware and service provision , Smarcurve is now transitioning to more propitious web-based service provision guided by Agile values and principles.

We have experienced substantial engagement related to the formulation and operationalization of effective business models. SmartCurve is committed to create family of products and services that are simple, functional, reliable, usable, maintainable and scalable.

Modern enterprise technological landscapes are being impacted by the increasing individuation of information systems (IS). Consequently, the end-user computing phenomenon is being extended to incorporate a multitude of nascent possibilities for organizations. One promising avenue encompasses the use of business analytics. Common categories of enterprise intelligence analytics are traditionally derived from activity patterns and collaborative routines.

We shall focus on another emergent category of analytics which we refer to as enterprise personal analytics which encompasses the concept of organizations enabling their employees to use their individual analytics to manage their digital working lives from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive points of view.

While an acute, continuous focus on customer needs is often cited as a key benefit of agile approaches, SmartCurve examined the customer focus construct in an agile project environment, or looked at the implications or recommendations for project managers. We draw on contemporary theories on customer focus to develop a framework for understanding customer focus in an agile project management context..

This framework is applied to cases in all our projects and the results suggest that while agile approaches appear to increase customer focus. In fact there may be significant challenges are overcome for example, new communication issues with customer proxies, understanding of customer needs and requirements, identity, location, perceived personality of the customer, and the team s prior experience with the customer, all of which can affect the customer focus of the agile.

Agile software development involves self-managing teams that are empowered and responsible for meeting project goals in whatever way they deem suitable. We place more trust in such teams than they do in teams following more traditional development methodologies.

Development technologies have since advanced remarkably, and SmartCurve firms originally established in the mid- to early-2010s have at this stage attained process maturity. Initiating with client server based , system dependent solution have move to WBSD practices.

Device In-dependency, SaaS , engaging and scaling has been possible for us using WBSD. WBSD is centric to it development for SmartCurve.

Our skills

Yii, Ajax, Jquery, Html5, Bootstrap, SQL
Web Sites, Enterprise Solution

Our services

  • ICT Support - Maintenance
  • Consulting, Audit and Cyber Investigation.
  • Solution Development.

Our values

  • Collaborate.
  • Innovate.
  • Agile.


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